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Traffic Management System

Traffic Management System Traffic congestion is one of the major problems faced by the citizens of Karachi. The main focus of the Smart City Lab is to solve the problem of traffic congestion. The team is working on scientific techniques to make an effective traffic management system. For the successful implementation of the plan, the team has developed modules for vehicle detection, classification and number plate detection
  1. Vehicle Detection and Classification
  2. Number Plate Detection

Citi Pulse

We are planning to work on Citi-Pulse Project to solve the issues of the society. Our focus will be on traffic management, waste management and crowd management. We will also deploy weather stations on different areas of the city. There will be a mega portal that will show multiple type of maps. The data extracted from the maps, will help for visualization and analysis. Traffic Management System

Visual Positioning System

Visual Positioning System To align the virtual and the physical world, we need to develop a Visual Positioning System. These VPS can be used to solve the major problems of our city. Karachi is a thickly populated city. There are different problems that are faced by the residents of the city. There is no proper waste management and traffic management in the city. The VPS can help in traffic management. By using the VPS, the user can quickly find location on the screen with the best route to reach from one part of the city to another.

VPS can also help in waste management as it will help the management board to locate the areas more easily that needs to be clean. The application can also help the people to reach the hospital easily. The user can find the location of various departments of the hospital on the screen. Through VPS one can easily understand the direction just by looking at the screen because of the visual display.

The Smart Positioning System can help in managing the activities of the city more easily. It can also help in the planning process.

Smart Irrigation System

Smart Irrigation System Smart Irrigation System is the latest IoT technology which is helpful and leads to ease of farming. The engineers at the Smart City Lab has developed the IoT devices that will improve the process of Smart Irrigation. Approximately, 70% of the water withdrawn from various fresh water sources is used for agricultural activities. Majority of the water is wasted due to over watering caused by inefficiencies in traditional irrigation methods and systems.

Adopting the smart irrigation will be a best solution. This system monitors soil conditions and plant water use. By using this smart irrigation concept we can bring back the greenery which is going to be vanish because of the rapid urbanization. The system will help to get farmers good yield.

Secure Application

Security Locks The team at the Smart City Lab is making a secure application. The purpose of developing a secure app is to easily detect the fake products. This could be done by installing the application on the phone and scanning the logo of the product. Through the secure app, one can easily get the information about the brand. The application will scan a unique encrypted image printed on the product.

Our team has made a logo that different companies will include on the packing of their products. The secure app will scan the logo. This app is extremely beneficial for pharmaceutical companies, clothing brands and daily food products.

Face Check

The Smart City Lab has successfully developed the module for face recognition. The lab has made a Face Check App. The use of this new technology will change the way we live making things more secured. This special feature will remove the traditional way of entering a password on the phone and bank accounts, marking attendance at office and detecting the stranger entering the building.

Face recognition

Stereo Vision

Stereo Vision The engineers at the Smart City Lab under National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) at NED University of Engineering and Technology are working on Stereo Vision to develop collision avoidance module which will be used in the autonomous cars to detect the objects around the car on the basis of 3-Dimensions. Stereo Vision will help to solve the major problem of the drivers while driving by detecting ruts on roads. It can be used as a part of the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) for safe driving. It will be extremely effective for passive sensing and easily interpret the physical environment around. The module based on stereo vision will help to prevent accidents and identify traffic.

AI Kit for Kids

Stereo Vision The A.I. Kits for Kids is a game for kids which consist of modules for Object detection, Emotion detection, Face recognition and Face detection. It also consists of a game; flappy bird along with a musicplayer and a gallery. The game is designed to capture pictures using the picture capture module and to experience the power of A.I.